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Ryustyler is the artist/photographer behind the Delicious Kicks Instagram. Their "Matcha" Air Jordan 1 is inspired by the unique green of the powdered green tea used in Japan for the traditional tea ceremony. The ceremony, known as "Sado," dates back to the beginning of the Edo period, and is an art form that utilizes the highest-grade tea leaves. 

To translate the spirit of the beautiful deep colors of the tea, four premium leathers with subtle shades of green make up the shoe, including nubuck and pig suede leathers which were custom dyed in Japan to create the specific hues of Matcha. From Italian-woven cotton heel tabs,  a Fragment-inspired Matcha embossing stamp,  signature laser engraved tongue tags by @Burkeworksau, cream waxed laces and custom engraved dubraes by @lacespace, no detail is overlooked. Included with each purchase is an authentic bamboo tea whisk and a set of embroidered vegan suede dust bags.